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Whose Next Door?

Whose Next Door?

“The Word became flesh and moved into the neighborhood.” John 1:14 MSG

“As My Father has sent Me, so I am sending you!” John 20:21 NIV
A simple Google search or a casual walk through your local bookstore or library will reveal the deep longing people have to live a life that counts for something, a life that makes a difference!

Does that ring true for you?

In a quiet moment alone, when the duties of the day are done, the TV is off, the children are in bed or at school…does this question ever creep into your mind? “What am I doing with my life that matters?”

If this question pulls at your heart, can I suggest a simple and straightforward way to live a life that can make a huge impact in the lives of those around you? What I am suggesting might be simple, but it has the potential for incredible community impact!

What I’d like to share with you over the next few months through this blog post won’t mean going back to school, there is no financial investment and it doesn’t even mean making significant changes to your current daily routines!

All it takes to begin is a little “ReFraming” of how you see and experience the routines of your life!

So let’s dive in!

Each one of us already lives somewhere! And each of us lives among people! So to live a life that matters to others doesn’t mean making wholesale changes at all! You don’t have to move to a new country, go back to school, or even get a new job!

We can all start today! Right were we are!

I’d like to offer a framework of 5 practices that will get us going. B.E.L.T.S.! Each blog post I will write about one of these practices. So today, let’s start with the B in B.E.L.T.S.

B represents the practice of Blessing others!

To Bless others means to develop habits of generosity and hospitality towards others. Life is full of opportunities to live this way, and the potential impact a small act of generosity or hospitality can make in someone’s day might surprise you.

To be generous is to use our resources or time to benefit another. Generosity can be big or small, but can both can make a difference to someone who is on the receiving end.

Hospitality means to offer thoughtful acts of kindness. It comes from a Latin etymology meaning “to add strength to a person.”

When we practice even small acts of thoughtfulness or kindness we are, in a sense, giving someone strength they might desperately need to get through their day!

Sounds simply right?

So would you join me this week in making the practice of Blessing others a habit of our lives?

So here’s the challenge: Over the next week, look for 3 opportunities to Bless someone, to show an act of generosity, thoughtfulness or kindness. This can be a word of affirmation through a card, phone call or text. It can be a small gift or a cup of coffee. It could even be an act of service like mowing a neighbors lawn because you know they’ve been unusually busy.

Right now, as you are reading this, jot down the names of three people you will commit to bless in the next 7 days. Make at least one of them a person you don’t know well, and may not even have regular contact with, but would like to begin building a friendship with.

Commit to this! And make it a weekly habit!

Are you ready? So let’s get going!!!

Pastor Dave
In our next post we will explore the practice of “Entering” into the life and story of another.

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