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Into the Harvest 2/1

In today’s teaching we begin talking about Field 2 in our series.  In Field 1’s teachings we were learning about the “Where, or the Empty field” or the place where God has uniquely equipped each of us to serve Him.

Now in Field 2 we begin talking about the “What.”  If God is putting a person on our hearts, what do we do or say?

Into the Harvest – Field 1/3

In today’s teaching we are challenged to start where we are!

Too often we are waiting for the perfect opportunity, which keeps us from doing anything!

God gave the exiles, who were in Babylon, very specific instructions of how to live among the people they were currently with…these apply to us today, as well.

Into the Harvest! – Field 1/2

The Empty Field pt2

In part two of this series we continue our discussion about the new “fields” God might be calling us into…but we take a short step back to ask the question:  If I’m asking people to “Follow me as I follow Christ, am I really following Christ?”

We look at Examples in Acts 8, Genesis 6, Genesis 17 and 1 Samuel 14 for inspiration.

These passages teach us that God uses those who demonstrate Radical, Immediate & Costly obedience when He calls.

Into the Harvest! – Field 1/1

The Empty Field pt1

In this series, using the Book of Acts as our teaching foundation, we are looking at the pattern Jesus modeled for us, and then Paul put into practice in Acts, of doing the work of the Great Commission!

Jesus instructed His disciples in Matthew 28:18-20 to “Go into all the world making disciples…”

But how do we obey this very important instruction of Jesus?  Does He show how?

The simple answer is Yes!  He spent His whole 3 years with the Disciples modeling this for them.  And when He sent them out, they didn’t ask anymore questions, they simply obeyed…because they new exactly what to do.

Hopefully this teaching series with help us to understand a little more clearly our calling into God’s mission field!